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In last week’s post I talked about the oppressive homophobic laws in Russia. After it had been published, I got to thinking and it hit me: we’ve seen this all before. What the LGBT community is experiencing bears striking resemblance to events during the Civil Rights Movement in the 1950’s.

Imagine a world where it was socially accepted to discriminate against anyone who was “non-white”. Anyone who falls into this category is automatically denied access to the rights granted to those considered “white”.

They’re shunned by the general public, denied service and are under constant threat of harassment and violence.

Across the country, “non-whites” are openly condemned by everyone from church leaders to politicians.

For some, the above scenario isn’t to hard to imagine. The Civil Rights Movement in America was only 60 years ago while here in South Africa, apartheid only officially ended 20 years ago.

Would you like to live in a world like that? Chances are you’d say “no”. Now replace the words “non-white” and “white” with “gay” and “straight”.

Last week, a Republican official posted a message on a website owned by her party where she declared homosexuality to be the work of Satan and compared gays to pedophiles.

Pat Robinson, an extremely right-wing television host, has used his channel to repeatedly attack the LGBT community, whose nuggets of wisdom include comparing transgender people to a castrated horse and flat-out telling a mother that she should never let her children near her lesbian sister.

On top of all of that, there’s the constant harrasment, abuse and violence directed towards the LGBT community on a daily basis.

Those people who support discrimination based on sexual and/or gender identity are the same people who supported discrimination based on race all those years ago. It wasn’t right then and it isn’t right now.

All people are equal, no matter their skin tone, sexuality or gender identity.

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Here’s a fun little slide-show I found while researching this article. See if you can tell which statements refer to gays and which statements refer to black people.

A new law in Kansas bears a startling resemblance to Jim Crow… (Added 15th of February 2014)