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In the wake of the Santa Barbara Shootings, has been a lot of attention focused on so-called Men’s Rights Activists (MRA). It was revealed that Elliot Roger spent a lot of time on websites dedicated to MRAs and their reputation for violent misogynistic rhetoric has led many to speculate that they could have encouraged Elliot’s rampage. Their vocal support of Roger’s actions after the fact hasn’t exactly helped matters.

Now, I do agree that there are certain issues men face that should be addressed. For example, as the below graph from the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention shows, men are four times more likely to commit suicide than women.

Men also make up the majority of homeless people, according to the National Coalition for the Homeless. So, it is true that there are men-specific issues that require our attention.

Of course, this isn’t what MRAs are famous for today. Instead of promoting these causes and raising awareness, MRAs today are best known for spewing hate and abuse at women across the internet, they using specialised forums and social media to reach as wide an audience as possible. Here is a taste of what you can expect if you should ever have the misfortune to visit an MRA site.

nice guy syndrome


*curls up and cries for humanity*

Wow. Just… wow

Oh, and just so you know, those came from just the first page of one website, the popular MRA forum The Red Pill (If you’re feeling extra brave, try this link). Yeah, so it’s not hard to see why MRAs get the reputation they do.

Rather than actively addressing the problems they claim to represent, MRAs choose instead to sit back and lay all the blame on their feminism. It doesn’t matter what the issue is, rest assured that feminism – and by extension, women in general – are to blame. These are the people behind the #NotAllMen campaign, complain that women are now oppressing men, and generally try to disregard centuries of entrenched patriarchy.

Again, I have no problem with the idea of men’s rights. But these people are something else all together. Rather than promoting men’s rights and actually helping men, MRAs are actively discrediting genuine problems by associating them with close-minded, bigoted a**holes who think a woman anywhere other than the kitchen is a sign of the end-times.

Note to my readers: sorry this post is late. We started exams this week and I got thrown off my rhythm. I promise to be more punctual next week.

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