Blogs I Follow

Language Victoria

Tattooed real life Little Mermaid. Foul-mouthed but educated. Always learning.” Enough said.

Feminist Frequency

Anita Sarkeesian – the most controversial figure in video gaming, and possibly one of the greatest modern feminists – provides insight into the role of women in the video game world.

Everyday Feminism

Fantastic news/blog site with new articles about feminism and gender issues released daily.

The Vagenda

Fun, topical and full of snark and sarcasm. Granted, the name might put a few people off. However, there’s no denying that this is one of the best feminist blogs on the web.

Laura Shortridge

An outspoken blogger from South Africa. Follow her on twitter at @DiscordianKitty, read her blog Kitten of Discord or one of her many articles written for Women24. You won’t be disappointed.

Guerrilla Feminism

A fantastic website dedicated to promoting feminism and general equality worldwide. There’s new posts everyday, so there’s always something new.


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