Let’s Play The Gay Game!

I didn’t have time to come up with a proper article, so here’s a random little piece instead. The rules are simple: go onto Google, type in “do gay” and then a letter of the alphabet, then answer the first question that appears. Let’s go. Continue reading


Lessons From GALA part 2


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Welcome back to part two of my series on the GALA Youth Summit. For this week, I’ll be talking about what it means to be an activist in the modern world. The idea for this post was inspired by a discussion earlier this week with members of the Parents, Families & Friends of  the South African Queer (PFSAQ). Continue reading

How To Identify And Debate Haters


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We live in a very special time right now. As you read this, countless organisations and individuals are hard at work to ensure equal rights for marginalised groups such as the LGBTQA+ community and promote the rights of women. Better yet, it would seem that their efforts are largely successful. Of course, there are some who are quite upset about this. Continue reading

How To Like Bad Things


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Last week, I wrote about the active exclusion of women in video games. Since then, I’ve found myself in a rather troubling position. You see, I love video games. I’ve played games in every genre, from obscure indie games to Triple-A blockbusters. At the same time, I’m well aware of the poor reputation when it comes to inclusivity. So now I find myself in a bind: can still enjoy one of my favourite pastimes, or should I give them up for good? Continue reading

Ubisoft’s Exclusion Is Nothing New


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If you’re a gamer like me, then no doubt you were tuned in to this year’s E3 Expo. E3 is easily the biggest event on the gaming calender where publishers gather to present their latest products to the world. It’s a time of excitement and wonder, where all things seem possible and full-grown adults have an excuse to be kids once more. It’s also a time of colossal, mind-blowing cock-ups. Continue reading